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Dec 09 2021 Randy Cantrell and Dennis Simpson have teamed up to make a great new podcast called Hot Springs Village Inside Out. This international podcast and video on youtube. We are available on all major platforms. From John Paul, GM of HSV to Ricky Middleton, Police Chief, to everyone in between. Go to for more information […]
Apr 29 2021 Covid 19, Housing Boom and these changing times. The security of the village, the natural beauty of the Ouachita Mountains and the Ouachita National Forest is simply unsurpassed. Nestled in 1.7 million acres of stunning mountains and lakes there is nothing to compare. No wonder there are thousands of guest coming to this paradise. All […]
Jan 06 2016 Aerial Flyover of Granada Golf Course 14th hole Attached you can see the Aerial Flyover of the 14th Hole of Granada Golf Course. This lot is for sale for $22,000 and is ready to build. The site looks over the Course mid way down the hole. It sits up about 60 feet over the course […]
Jan 12 2013 December 25, 2012.. at about 9:45 AM the National Weather Service in Little Rock, Arkansas issued a  (wait for it ) … BLIZARD WARNING. Yes, for the first time in over 40 years Central Arkansas was placed under a BLIZARD Warning. Frankly, we were stunned. Rolanda and I were about to head to our parents homes to celebrate with our wonderful families.  About 10:45 I proceeded to see how “high performance ” tires on a BMW coupe would work.  As you “Northerner’s ” already know.. 14 inches of wide flat rubber and lots of horsepower is not “the optimum”  Arrangement for driving on snow and ice. I returned to the house, after doing a 180 in the front driveway (as the neighbors applauded – no kidding),  to let Rolanda know we would not be going to Christmas Dinner with either of our families …  Even if we COULD have exited the subdivision on Sierra Drive, there was NO way we would be able to get BACK that night… Or, little did we know, for the next 3 nights. We truly were deflated. Neither Rolanda or I have any children and we were truly heartbroken to know that we would not be seeing our families, nieces, nephews, sisters, cousins. At first it was just raining, THEN FREEZING on the trees.. then snow. Then more snow, then we simply could not see across the lake it was snowing so hard.  Then we noticed, there were not lights on the other side of Lake Desoto. Odd.  We are all BLESSED with underground power and utilities here in Hot Springs Village. About this time, it occurred to us that we could Skype with our families and we had a great time catching up.  Our families live in Benton and Little Rock. When we noted that we could not get out of the subdivision…  they were perplexed. Then we held the laptop up to the windows to show the 4 inches of snow we already had, AND how hard it was still snowing. They noted “it was only raining there”.  At the time, they could not have offered more haunting words.  Little did any of us know that West Little Rock and area would have an ice storm, and we would have 14 inches of snow!. By later that afternoon, most of Little Rock was completely dark. 190,000 homes were without power.  To put this in perspective, 73% of all homes in Little Rock where without power / in the dark as the temperature’s fell to 20 degrees.  Entergy and First Cooperative worked diligently for the next week and brought in over 3000 utility workers to assist.  As far as the village goes, we were (as always) VERY blessed.  Only about 3% of the village was ever without power.  The great and far reaching planning of Mr. John A. Cooper, Founder and Developer of Hot Springs Village and Cooper Communities, demanded that all utilities be buried underground in Hot Springs Village. […]
Sep 25 2012  Cheap! Fire sale! Foreclosure! .. How cheap is cheap?  How buying the “cheapest” land or may not always be the best deal. We are seeing a generational reset in all markets. Autos, Real Estate, Housing, … even food. Wal-Mart .. “ALWAYS” the low price leader… has even felt the pinch. You’d think that the might […]

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