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Purchasing FAQ

Can this area be over developed in the future? No. 25% of all land in HSV is reserved as “green space” and is permanently platted and reserved. Great care was taken in the 70’s by Mr. John Cooper (Cooper Communities Inc.) who demanded that homes not be visible from the street .. to maintain the natural forest feeling. How big is Hot Springs Village? 26,000 acres and more than 40 square miles (larger than the size of San Francisco). 13,000 residents and power, cable, DSL, water, sewer and planning for 66,000. There are 34,000 lots inside the Village. 284 subdivisions and 13 different geographical divisions. Where do you buy these lots? Our homesites are purchased from individuals that have decided that they will not move to the village, investment changes or are in poor health. To a person, every person who has sold us their lot, love the village. They simply cannot or will not be able to move to the village. Are there any liens, dues or taxes due against these lots? No, none. We offer only clean titles, deeds AND TITLE INSURANCE! How much are the taxes? It varies based on the value of the lot and the location of the lot (which county) but as a rule the taxes range between $45 – $75 per year for a lot under $8,000 in value. How much are the POA dues? POA dues are $36 per month and it is suggested that you sign up for a once a year bank draft or once a month at $36. How soon do I have to build a home? There are no time limitations on building on the lot. What size home do I have to build? 1200 square foot or larger, the plan will have to be approved by the Architectural Approval Committee, which is generally only a formality. The ACC generally looks at the home plans you suggest and the location you are planning to build. They can authorize the removal of trees over 4 inches. Trees under 4 inches can be removed by the property owners at will. More information can be found here. Are the utilities in place? Utilities in the HSV are underground and most are ready to connect. If they are not in your area, as soon as the Architectural Approval Committee (see above) issues a building permit, the providers will build them to your location at no cost to you. Connection fees are very reasonable. Entergy (power) Cable (SuddenLink), Phone (SBC), water & sewer (POA). Some VERY remote area do have limited access to some services. What utilities are available? Cable (SuddenLink) includes high speed internet (where available; satellite TV may be used as an alternative), Phone (SBC / ATT) includes high speed internet, water & sewer (POA) What Churches are in HSV? Here is a list of churches. What is the school situation? There are two excellent schools that support the village. Fountain Lake covers Saline County, while the children in living in Garland County attend Jessieville Public Schools. The schools are each some of the best funded in AR because the ratio of tax payers to children attending school is very low in this mostly retirement community. What size is the lot? They range in size, but it is fair to say that most lots are between 1/3 and 1/4 acre. There are larger lots ranging between 1.25 acres to 5 acres. These lots many times are hillside or cover various terrain. Is my road paved? Nearly all streets are paved (over 90%). Where they are not paved, the area does not yet have homes built in that area. As listed above, as soon as a building permit is issued the POA will pave, again at no cost,  the road up to (and most times well past) the building site. Are there any hidden costs or pitfalls? No. That is the beauty of the Village, it is simply all it purports to be and more…. please come visit and see what we mean.         32 Sierra Drive, Hot Springs Village, AR 71909

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