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Sep 25 2012

Cheap, Bargain, Fire Sale…. or is it?

 Cheap! Fire sale! Foreclosure! .. How cheap is cheap?  How buying the “cheapest” land or may not always be the best deal. We are seeing a generational reset in all markets. Autos, Real Estate, Housing, … even food. Wal-Mart .. “ALWAYS” the low price leader… has even felt the pinch. You’d think that the might Wal-Mart.. “always” guys would be rather invincible. Seems as if Fred’s , Dollar Stores and Dollar General are making inroads on Wal-Mart. $.89 “Windex” and other household goods are putting a dent in the Wal-Mart armor. Why would Wal-Mart care? Who cares about saving $.29 cents on a glass cleaner.. Well.. more people than you think.. and those people could be setting new trends and habits. (God Forbid) Analysts’  of retail note that shoppers are looking for a “good deal” on every item.. and THEN a sale on top of it. They also note that the $.29 cent difference is actually MUCH greater.. On deeply discounted products, no name brands the delusion rate is so “watered down” that you might as well buy the name brand. So what does this dissertation on Windex have to do with CHEAP land sales and Fire Sale “lake lots” in Hot Springs Village ? “Lots”. To Coin a phrase. Fact is… there are some great bargains in Hot Springs Village, AR. But, just as in the Wal-Mart vs Dollar General battle… the value per dollar varies wildly. Clean Deed, Warranty, Title Insurance no liens, mixed ownership, etc. Lake, View and Golf properties will always stand the test of time… but not everyone can afford (or wants to live on the Golf Course or Lakeside) Hot Springs Village People Properties has always offered clean lots that we stand behind with our Warranty Deeds and Clean Titles. While ALL Real Estate properties have declined in value, let us help you find the REAL Value in todays Real Estate Market. It is always wise to focus on the Value of the product… not just the price. dennis

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